Admit it! You are an Uncool College Parent. We all are here.

You are an Uncool College Parent if………

You love your kids and want the best for them.

You wonder if they ate breakfast this morning.

You want to know some names of your kids’ friends.

You want to know the scores of your kids’ college teams.

You want to know what classes they’re taking.

You hope they’re learning something.

Tell us what makes you an Uncool College Parent……

Let’s all fill in the blanks together.
Let’s get the conversation started!


  1. mchris says:

    Hi, great site. My friend, Anna, gave it to me. My son is leaving for college this Thursday. I’m a total Uncool College Parent………I insisted my 18 year old get a haircut before leaving. I have gone on his college website more than he will probably do in 4 years. I already suggested that we go out to dinner with his roommates’ parents and he hasn’t even met the roommate yet. I know, that one is a bit over the top, but we did this with our older son. You’d think moms would be more cool by the 2nd kid!! By the way, he is going to Vanderbilt. So, we’re off to Nashville with tissue in hand.

    • Uncool Parent says:

      Welcome to the site, we hope you will be a frequent visitor and continue to leave comments and share your experience. We love that you are an Uncool College Parent like us. We all do what we think is best because we love our kids. Getting to know your son’s roommate and his parents is a great idea and helps make you feel more comfortable. If you can, take the roommate’s cell # so that you have another contact person for your son since these days there are no land lines in the dorm rooms. Good luck to your son! Good luck to you – keep coming back – we are here for each other!

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