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Moms – Let’s Talk About Sorority Rushing

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: January 10th, 2017

In many conversations with other mothers of college daughters, rushing a sorority is one of the topics that causes a lot of concern.  According to one mother I spoke with her daughters’ experience caused her to be quite upset. The process of being eliminated from houses that she had hoped to belong to was very hurtful. At a time when these young women are dealing with so many changes, handling the rejection of this kind is quite difficult. Certainly if a girl does not get a bid it is quite upsetting. Damage control by the family kicks into high gear. Reminding this young woman that she is indeed wonderful and desirable becomes paramount. But even if there is a positive outcome and your daughter gets a bid, it makes you wonder about the process.

One Parent’s Understanding of the Greek Cycle

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: January 10th, 2014

Spring semester has started and so has the cycle of Greek life. This year once again countless college students across the country will aspire to be a part of this system. Each person needs to decide for himself or herself but it seems that in the mind of a college student belonging to something that looks like so much fun is appealing. And so the cycle starts.

As far as I can tell becoming a part of a sorority or fraternity is a repeatable process. This starts with a period called rushing. Rushing seems to be the period of time when a student goes from house to house. This is the time when each student is trying to form an opinion as to which “house” he/she wants to belong to. It is also the time when the fraternity/sorority has to sell themselves to the student so they will have a pledge class. Once this period ends a Bid is given to all the students that the fraternity/sorority wants and now starts the period of Pledging. It is during this period of time that Hazing may occur. Pledge activities can run the gamut from simple embarrassing activities to more dangerous ones that can involve excessive drinking, exposure to the elements and other mean spirited demands. After enduring these activities the pledge is finally Initiated into the house and becomes a Brother or Sister privy to all the privileges associated with belonging.

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: September 12th, 2013

Take a look at this feature documentary titled “HAZE”. It is very powerful and was “created with the intent of placing a focus on the issues of binge drinking, alcohol-laden hazing rituals, and rapid-fire drinking games”. We are getting towards the middle of the college semester and the time of year when many kids are well into partying and pledging. The film presents staggering statistics that are associated with irresponsible drinking and it is literally sobering. According to the synopsis its’ intent is to be” the first chapter in an educational process for parents and young adults–teaching us what to do and what to look out for in order to “save a life.”

Watch this Trailer and/or click on the link below to watch the full length film on the Snag Films website and then have a conversation with your college kid.

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