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Red Solo Cups

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: June 14th, 2014

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Now that it is summer and the house is full with kids and their friends, a good idea is a shopping visit to Costco. There is no limit to the amount of chips and dips they can consume and the mega bags at Costco are a good find. I also love their quarter pound hamburgers. Not only are they delicious but filling. Add some hot dogs and buns and now you have something to barbeque.
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Safety Items, You Decide….

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: April 10th, 2014

The weather is nice and our college kids are out and about… This is a good time to have that safety conversation again…

Campus Safety is of paramount importance to parents. Here are a few suggestions for our kids protection. Make sure your child is always aware of their surroundings. Are the walking routes well-lite and well-populated? Are campus emergency phones available?  Suggest your child walk with a friend especially at night. If a friend is not available, suggest your child call a friend with a “code” word that identifies a signal for help. Cell phones are excellent but your child must remain aware of their surroundings and not get distracted with the phone conversation. Avoid dark parking areas. Walk with keys interlocked within fingers to be used to fight off an attacker. Blow a whistle. Flash a light. These items are small enough to conceal.
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I’m Schmacked…Have You Seen These YouTube College Party Videos?

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: September 23rd, 2012

Remember when we partied in college? What would we do if all those pix were on video, posted on the web forever? I’m Schmacked videos chronicle the crazy drinking and partying that many of our kids enter into when they’re at college. Viewers Beware!

When we first heard about these videos, we checked them out with our eyes half closed! 

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