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Check In…How Does Your Freshman Feel After Their First Semester?

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: December 16th, 2015

The beginning of the best four years of your life – that is what a college student hears so often when they arrive at college for the freshman year. According to parents and other students, the world is now at their fingertips just waiting for them to explore it and find their place in it. It’s exciting, it’s nerve-racking, it’s overwhelming… and it’s completely different for each student.

The first few days and sometimes weeks of college aren’t actually school days – there are a series of parties and get-togethers where each student is trying to find their place. After that, things start to get serious: classes begin, the parties calm down (kind of…), hopefully there is a rhythm to the days and each student makes friends, gets involved and figures out how to manage it all while still paying attention to the academics (which is really why they are at college, after all). But what happens when things don’t go quite that smoothly? Maybe your student has the routine down but still doesn’t feel quite right? Maybe they aren’t having the incredible time that everyone raves about? Maybe they think that something is wrong? Friends and family ask, “How’s college?” and their reply is automatically “It’s amazing! The best! I absolutely love it!” …But that isn’t actually how they are feeling?

Now that they have finished their first semester it’s a good time to check in with them. How does your student really feel? Were they depressed at all, lonely, maybe even a little home sick? Did they talk about these feelings with their friends at school or from home? If they did, and each was telling the truth then they probably heard that indeed their friend also shared these feelings. Hopefully this won’t come as a shock to them – hopefully each student can admit that college can sometimes be less than incredible.

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My College Kid Is Home!

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: December 15th, 2015

My son returned home the other night with a car filled with laundry. I received a “Hi, mom, finals went ok….what do you have to eat?” Ran through the house to his room – emailed and texted his home friends and he was out the door in one hour. Great seeing him for all of 10 minutes. Laundry is taking 10 days!

This Uncool College Parent’s Kid is Home!!

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: November 9th, 2015

My daughter came home from college for the first time this week. Our whole family was excited. I had heard from friends (including my UCP co-founders) that things might not be so smooth. But I didn’t believe it for a minute. Ok, ok, maybe I might have just a little.

But that knowledge did not take away from the excited anticipation of my reunited family. I figured if I kept my expectations modest, they couldn’t be beaten.

I don’t think of my daughter as young anymore, but we plan to reinforce some expectations that we have as a family, and ones that she knows my husband and I adhere to:
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