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College IS Worth It!

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: October 28th, 2012

It seems to me that every other article about college today is about whether it’s worth the investment. The author will do some kind of complicated math equation (anything past multiplication can be complicated to me) and come up with the answer. And it’s often no. They might look at the cost of four years at the most expensive private school in the country and the amount of debt that a kid could possibly accumulate and then compare it to the average salary that a kid could possibly make at a first job…if, of course, they could find that job.  And then they conclude that your kid should live at home and go to community college.

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Student Loan Relief: The Time has Come!

Author: Robert H. Solomon Posted: September 2nd, 2012

One of the greatest national problems and disgraces is the student loan dilemma. Student loans have now topped $1.1 trillion! With no end in sight to the spiraling cost of education and the continuing economic recession, aspiring college graduates and their parents continue to take on debt. Many students facing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt are entering the worst job market in a generation. The situation is scarcely better, and probably worse, for newly minted professionals (especially doctors and lawyers) who have compounded their undergraduate debt with graduate school debt. With no job or jobs that fail to meet expectations, the cost of these degrees now bear no relationship to the financial benefit.

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University-branded debit cards? Beware!

Author: Marty Pasternak Posted: July 20th, 2012

Recently read a disturbing article about university branded debit cards being marketed aggressively to college students at 900 colleges/universities as a quick and efficient delivery system for their student loan funds. Like an Elmo doll to a toddler these cards are often 1-Stop-Shopping – school ID, ATM, debit-card, library card, security card, and stored value card for meal plans and/or vending machines. But underneath the slick graphics and marketing they are TROUBLE.
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