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As Parents We Are Always Concerned With Safety, But Are Our Kids?

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: August 21st, 2015

We’re thinking about our kids’ safety, but are they?

Start a dialogue and keep the lines of communication open. Make a plan to stay in touch with your child and stick to it. Share these tips with your kids. There’s a lot here. Maybe one at a time?! Your kids might roll their eyes, but they will hear:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Become familiar with the campus and map out safe ways to walk to and from your classes. Walk in lit areas that are frequently traveled.
  • Always walk with at least one other person that you know. Groups are better but are not always practical. If you have to walk alone somewhere, make sure someone is aware of where you will be walking and when you should arrive at your destination.

Personally, I encourage my daughter to call me on her cell phone when she is walking somewhere alone. We talk until she arrives at her destination safely. Even though she is on the phone I encourage her to stay aware of her surroundings.
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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: September 12th, 2013

Take a look at this feature documentary titled “HAZE”. It is very powerful and was “created with the intent of placing a focus on the issues of binge drinking, alcohol-laden hazing rituals, and rapid-fire drinking games”. We are getting towards the middle of the college semester and the time of year when many kids are well into partying and pledging. The film presents staggering statistics that are associated with irresponsible drinking and it is literally sobering. According to the synopsis its’ intent is to be” the first chapter in an educational process for parents and young adults–teaching us what to do and what to look out for in order to “save a life.”

Watch this Trailer and/or click on the link below to watch the full length film on the Snag Films website and then have a conversation with your college kid.

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College and Stress – One Student’s Experience

Author: Tessa Posted: February 15th, 2013

There are a lot of stressful things about being in college. I’m a junior now, and you could say these past three years have been very stressful. I switched my major two times, applied for internships, got a job, etc. Going through these stressful situations was hard at times, but in the end, the stress was worth it.


The most stressful part of switching majors and applying for the job was the processes. Having to accept that I needed to change wasn’t easy. I had to meet with different advisers, make sure my credits transferred, and apply to the majors. Applying to the specific major that I was interested in was stressful because I knew they looked for certain things. Mass Communication is a very competitive major. I had to write an essay, send in my transcript, and get certain grades in the core classes. Applying was stressful but when I got the email that I was accepted, the stress was all worth it.
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