College Transfer

My Child Wants To Transfer

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: May 3rd, 2015

What if after the first semester, second semester or even second year, your son
or daughter comes to you and expresses a desire to transfer schools. Know that this is not so uncommon these days.

I feel like when we were going to school most people I know chose a college and finished out their four years there. Now it is more common to hear that kids want to change colleges. Understanding that their 18 year old self wanted something different vs. their now 19, 20, or 21 year old self is a big step for a young adult.
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The College Bookstore Is Not Your Only Option

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: July 30th, 2014

As parents, we have the natural tendency to encourage our kids to take us with them to the bookstore. I suggest you think again. The price tags at the bookstore are big. Your child’s college may not give you this information but we are.

Let your kids do their homework. Find out what the buy back policy is at the college bookstore. There are other alternatives these days. They can find out which textbooks are needed and order them on-line. The savings are astronomical. Today, on-line savings cannot be ignored. Kids can order used books or rent books and then return them free of charge. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

One great source we found for textbooks is a great alternative to the expense of buying all new books. rents textbooks to college students across the nation saving them hundreds of dollars every semester. With customers on more than 5,570 college campuses in all 50 states, you can be sure that gives its customers just what they’re looking for. Their site is very clean, navigable, and user friendly. Their customer service is second to none. Click on the link to the right to get to their website.

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One Student’s Transfer Story…

Author: Adam Posted: June 2nd, 2013

The whole college experience is really more of a journey than anything else. But I guess that can be said about our lives. These journeys take us to new places and new experiences and sometimes we don’t even know where we will end up.

Case and point, my daughter began her college career like so many others not sure what she wanted to be or on a smaller note, study. In her sophomore year she decided on psychology, but still did not know what she wanted to do after college. So she made her way through her courses, but with no real passion about her new major.

In the summer of her sophomore year she interned for a finance company doing clerical work. She enjoyed the commute, enjoyed being in the city and began to understand what business was all about. During this summer she worked with the marketing department and found that she really liked it. In fact, at the end of the summer, they offered her an internship in the marketing department the following summer, which she took. She still never thought of herself as a being in the business world but enjoyed the job. It didn’t hurt that the company works with a lot of customers in the fashion world.
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