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Let’s Talk Roommates

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: August 3rd, 2014

Dorm room in a typical college dorm

As our kids head off to college, the anxiety starts to ramp up, especially for those heading off for the first time. From my experience, one of the major causes of this nervousness seems to come from living arrangements, specifically the roommate. Many of our kids are used to having their own room, so the idea of sharing a room with another person, and a bathroom with a floor of people may be unsettling. Just like learning to share toys in preschool or kindergarten was a growing experience, so is learning to share a living space with a virtual stranger. I think changing your expectations can certainly lead to a more positive outcome.
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The College Bookstore Is Not Your Only Option

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: July 30th, 2014

As parents, we have the natural tendency to encourage our kids to take us with them to the bookstore. I suggest you think again. The price tags at the bookstore are big. Your child’s college may not give you this information but we are.

Let your kids do their homework. Find out what the buy back policy is at the college bookstore. There are other alternatives these days. They can find out which textbooks are needed and order them on-line. The savings are astronomical. Today, on-line savings cannot be ignored. Kids can order used books or rent books and then return them free of charge. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

One great source we found for textbooks is a great alternative to the expense of buying all new books. rents textbooks to college students across the nation saving them hundreds of dollars every semester. With customers on more than 5,570 college campuses in all 50 states, you can be sure that gives its customers just what they’re looking for. Their site is very clean, navigable, and user friendly. Their customer service is second to none. Click on the link to the right to get to their website.

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Life Skills

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: July 26th, 2013

college cooking

I was thinking the other day that our kids are so busy with all their after school activities; sports, charities, clubs, religious commitments, etc. that we are forgetting to give them basic life skills. These kids are going off on their own and for the first time probably have to make their beds, do their laundry, and cook a meal with no help from anyone else.
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