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Study Abroad? Some Quick Hints

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: January 5th, 2017

Well, the time has arrived when my son is leaving for his semester abroad. I am excited for him. When you’re young, you should do it. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, embrace new cultures and learn about the world outside of home and college. But, it is very scary out there these days – advise your college kid to be safe and exercise caution in every foreign country.

Here are a few things I can share:

1) Make copies of passport/visa. Two copies stay with parents, two copies with your kid. You could also email a scanned copy to your kid.

2) Research conversion costs prior to arrival.

3) Provide US Embassy phone number/emergency number and their equivalent 911 – this is good for parents too! 

4) Call your cell phone provider but recommend purchasing an international phone to use abroad.

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: August 5th, 2015

Teaching our college students how to do laundry

Laundry! That word conjures up real drudgery for some. Most of our kids probably have little or no experience with it and now that they are going off to college we better teach them fast. Hopefully you took the time during the summer when laundry is probably at an all time high, with all the towels and bathing suits, to let them do a load or two before they are off on their own.

Whether to use hot or cold water, use one rinse or two and how to separate dark from light clothing. Make sure you get them a good laundry bag or basket so that they can carry their clothing and the detergent easily to the laundry room in the dorm. I suggested that my kids use the fabric softener sheets, because it seemed easier than having to add the fabric softener into the washing machine and the machines in the dorm may not have a separate receptacle for it. And now they have those pods which makes it even easier and takes the guesswork out of measuring the detergent.
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How Do You Stay in Touch With Your College Student???

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: August 1st, 2015

text message

Last year we took a poll that asked: How do you get in touch with your college kid? The results showed that a whopping 89% responded that texting was the most popular way of communication. That is not surprising. Texting is quick and easy and certainly the most unobtrusive way to keep in touch. Your kid doesn’t have to excuse themselves or even stop what they are doing to respond and you can get a lot of information quickly. It’s amazing how a simple text hello from your kid can immediately bring a smile to your face – knowing they are okay and thinking of you.

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