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College Students and the Flu

Author: Cathie Gross Posted: January 15th, 2013

We are in the midst of the worst flu season since 2009. Hopefully the majority of college students going back to school this week have already had the flu vaccine in the fall and I would strongly recommend that those teens that have not been vaccinated get the flu shot before returning to school either in their doctors offices or at the local pharmacy (ie. CVS or Walgreens). Many college health services also offer flu vaccination. This years vaccine is about 62% effective.
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Breast Cancer and the College Student

Author: Cathie Gross Posted: September 30th, 2012

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Young women generally do not consider themselves at risk for breast cancer.  In the US, about 5% of all breast cancers occur in women under the age of 40.   However, we all know women with breast cancer and women of any age should be aware of their personal risk factors for breast cancer.


There are several risk factors that put a woman at higher risk for developing breast cancer.  All young women should talk to their family about breast cancer if a close family relation (mother, sister, aunt or grandparent) has had breast cancer and relay this information to their health care provider.  Clinical breast exams are recommended for all women beginning at age 20, at least every 1-3 years.


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Health Care for College Students

Author: Cathie Gross Posted: September 9th, 2012

Most, if not all colleges, have a Student Health Service.  It is a place to go for medical care, information and counseling for physical as well as mental health issue.  College students with chronic diseases/health issues that need follow up, should definitely check out the Student Health Center or get a recommendation to a local physician in that community for care during the college years.

Even though your child is in college, his/her pediatrician is still available.  I often tell my patients to call me if they have a question or have the doctor at Student Health call me to discuss a medical issue.  I emphasize this at the pre-college checkup and try to tie up any “loose ends” before they go away to college.  I also like to stress that the best way to avoid getting sick, is to keep yourself healthy.  Three important things they can do is to get enough rest, eat well and exercise.

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