We’re college parents, we’re uncool, and we’re proud of it!

Uncool College Parent came about because parents like to talk and share information. We were searching for an online community for parents of college students and we couldn’t find one that we could relate to. So three busy moms got together (a lot) to create this much needed website.

We haven’t changed, we were UNCOOL parents when our children were in grade school and high school and we are still UNCOOL College Parents. We know our kids are ready to fly and we’re okay with that. We want them to be safe, use good judgement and have a great college experience. But, we’re parents and we will always care.

Let’s join forces; let’s tackle issues that affect college students and us, their uncool parents. Economy means our kids won’t have jobs? Let’s talk. Kid got sick at school and nowhere to go? Let’s talk. New loan rates mean huge debt for our kids. Let’s talk.

Feel free to come here to discuss any issue, even those we can’t discuss with our family or friends.

We encourage you to share this website with other parents and mark us as a favorite.

Meet the original Uncool College Parents

Who are we? We’re mothers, mothers who want to share information with other parents of college kids. Felicia is the mother of two sons, one who graduated from a university in a large city and a college sophomore in a university in a small town. Stacy has a son in a small liberal arts college and a daughter in a Big 10 school. Tammy’s daughter is in her freshman year.(She’ll still have one more at home!).

We’ve learned so much from each other and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Here’s to our kids’ college experiences connecting us online. And here’s to finding other “UNCOOL” parents like us.

– Felicia, Stacy, and Tammy