Moms – Let’s Talk About Sorority Rushing

In many conversations with other mothers of college daughters, rushing a sorority is one of the topics that causes a lot of concern.  According to one mother I spoke with her daughters’ experience caused her to be quite upset. The process of being eliminated from houses that she had hoped to belong to was very hurtful. At a time when these young women are dealing with so many changes, handling the rejection of this kind is quite difficult. Certainly if a girl does not get a bid it is quite upsetting. Damage control by the family kicks into high gear. Reminding this young woman that she is indeed wonderful and desirable becomes paramount. But even if there is a positive outcome and your daughter gets a bid, it makes you wonder about the process.

Not only is the process time consuming but it can be quite costly also. A lot of attention is paid to making sure you have just the right outfit so that you can be properly dressed for all the events. This young woman was given a list of rush events with each event calling for a specific dress code. This included casual outfits, dressy casual outfits and semi formal outfits.  Sample pictures were given in the packet of what these outfits meant and what hemlines were appropriate, shoe styles, etc.  The stress that this caused to make sure the perfect outfit was arranged for each event was huge and upsetting. Isn’t it more important to try to get to know the girls who may be your “sisters” that to judge them by the clothing that they wear?

Unfortunately in today’s society all too often this is the message – are we all so shallow and is beauty only skin deep?  It seems to me that the point of sororities is to form a sisterhood and to find other women who you would enjoy spending time with and who would each bring a different point of view.

What has Greek Life evolved into? Did you belong to a sorority when you were in college? Do you think times have changed! Are you going to encourage your daughter to join a sorority? Let’s talk!

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: January 10th, 2017

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