College Students and Stress – Let’s Talk

College is a great time of life. However, emotional stress does occur sometime during the four years. How do you help your child? What lessons do you teach? Personally, I don’t see much open talk about the difficult times kids go through. There is a ton of adjustment – living with a new person, sharing common space – in the bathroom, time management, study skills, partying, finals and much more.

According to the JED Foundation, 50% of all college students said they get so stressed they can’t do their work. This gets even more difficult as final exams approach. With our limited interaction, how do parents help? What are the signs of emotional problems? Is there a counseling center? Is there a counselor on duty 24/7? Are the RA’s equipped to identify or refer students in distress?
As parents, we need to know help is available 24/7. Where can we turn? How can we help? Who can we talk to? These are all questions to be raised and addressed. What information do you know that can be shared?

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: August 10th, 2016

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