Congratulations College Graduates and Parents!

Four years seems like a long time when you start college but in truth it flies by. It is that time of year again and UCP wants to congratulate all those young adults who are graduating from college. We wish them all the best in whatever path they choose. Congratulations to all you Uncool College Parents also -it is a tough road to travel -when your child started college they were closer to being a child and now undoubtedly they are a young adult. As a parent that is a hard transition to make as well. As you sit in the ceremony with your eyes dewy remember the little boy or girl they once were and look forward to the successful adult they will become.

And even though you may not have child in college anymore please come back and visit us here at UCP often. It is your wisdom and advice that we want. Please continue to be a part of the conversation. Since you have already traveled down this path you probably have had to deal with different situations and that is what we are all about – helping each other and creating a community.

Congratulations again. Hope to see you back soon!

Author: Uncool Parent Posted: May 7th, 2016

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