The Family Dynamic Has Changed!

So you dropped your oldest child off at college and you are back home for a few weeks or so now. You
may still be a little sad and depressed and looking to feel better. You are still not used to the fact that the dinner table has one less person at it on a regular basis. Now what?

This UCP recommends giving yourself more time to adjust. Don’t think that things will
feel right immediately. But we all adapt and that is a beautiful thing.
Certainly if you have another child at home, go out and enjoy being with them. Chances are they haven’t gotten you all to themselves in a while. You probably didn’t pay much attention to them because you were getting the older one off. Maybe they even were a good sport and helped
you move their older sibling into college, lugging the boxes and enduring orientation. So do something with them that you enjoy together. Go to the park, take in a movie, just have fun!

Don’t, however, smother them and expect them to make up for both kids in the
house. I did this with my daughter. I expected her to be my playmate all the
time but the truth is even though we loved to be together she needed time with
her friends also. So when she was in school and out with friends I reacquainted myself with
things that I loved to do. I enjoy reading a good book so I downloaded the
latest mystery to my kindle and sat in my favorite chair and just read. I also
took up knitting again and have a lot of fabulous scarfs and am currently working on a fabulous sweater for the winter.

You may still feel strange even though it’s been a while since you dropped your kids off. Go with it.
Strike a balance between spending time with your kids who are still home and
doing things that you love. You will be surprised at how quickly you will get used to the “new”
normal. The dinner table won’t feel so empty – you have adapted!

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: September 2nd, 2015

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