How Do You Stay in Touch With Your College Student???

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Last year we took a poll that asked: How do you get in touch with your college kid? The results showed that a whopping 89% responded that texting was the most popular way of communication. That is not surprising. Texting is quick and easy and certainly the most unobtrusive way to keep in touch. Your kid doesn’t have to excuse themselves or even stop what they are doing to respond and you can get a lot of information quickly. It’s amazing how a simple text hello from your kid can immediately bring a smile to your face – knowing they are okay and thinking of you.

Of course, speaking on the cell phone was the next frequent form of communication, then E-mail and Skype or FaceTime. Are you friends with your kid on Facebook or do you follow them on Instagram or Snap Chat? It’s amazing how many ways you can “keep in touch”.

As an aside, Skype/FaceTime is a great way to keep your kid connected with their grandparent or other relative especially if they are home-bound or live in another part of the country. My college student and her grandmother Skype frequently and she always marvels that he can see her so clearly!

But how much texting and talking is the right amount? Obviously that ranges from relationship to relationship. Also at different times in the semester your college student needs more or less communication. Let’s keep the conversation going. How do you know when to talk or text with your kid and how do you know when to “lay off”?

Here is an article about keeping in touch. Do you consider yourself a helicopter parent or do you think your communication is just right?

Phone Home:Tech draws parents & college kids closer



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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: August 1st, 2015

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