Take a look at this feature documentary titled “HAZE”. It is very powerful and was “created with the intent of placing a focus on the issues of binge drinking, alcohol-laden hazing rituals, and rapid-fire drinking games”. We are getting towards the middle of the college semester and the time of year when many kids are well into partying and pledging. The film presents staggering statistics that are associated with irresponsible drinking and it is literally sobering. According to the synopsis its’ intent is to be” the first chapter in an educational process for parents and young adults–teaching us what to do and what to look out for in order to “save a life.”

Watch this Trailer and/or click on the link below to watch the full length film on the Snag Films website and then have a conversation with your college kid.

As a parent I was torn between encouraging my kids to join a sorority or fraternity. Since I myself never belonged to one nor was I privy to any real inside information I could only give my advice based on third party stories, rumors, and my own gut feelings. We have all heard about the many visits to the ER for alcohol poisoning as well as numerous alcohol related deaths on college campuses associated with hazing. Nobody wants their child to be forced into drinking excessively and I worried whether my kids would have to participate in these kinds of initiation activities if they chose to be a part of the Greek system.

The truth is that kids don’t have to be a part of a sorority or fraternity to participate in binge drinking. Unfortunately, it has become part of their culture. The idea of pre-gaming before they go out for the evening places them at risk as well. Drinking enough alcohol to quickly get them drunk and to sustain it for at least the beginning of the evening are behaviors that are scary to us, parents.

Does binge drinking and playing these party games help to create bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood/friendship? Let’s all join the conversation and discuss possible solutions to perpetuating the drinking culture on college campuses whether part of the Greek system or not.

Haze-Full length film on Snag Films

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: September 12th, 2013

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