College and Stress – One Student’s Experience

There are a lot of stressful things about being in college. I’m a junior now, and you could say these past three years have been very stressful. I switched my major two times, applied for internships, got a job, etc. Going through these stressful situations was hard at times, but in the end, the stress was worth it.


The most stressful part of switching majors and applying for the job was the processes. Having to accept that I needed to change wasn’t easy. I had to meet with different advisers, make sure my credits transferred, and apply to the majors. Applying to the specific major that I was interested in was stressful because I knew they looked for certain things. Mass Communication is a very competitive major. I had to write an essay, send in my transcript, and get certain grades in the core classes. Applying was stressful but when I got the email that I was accepted, the stress was all worth it.

Another stressful part of college was finding a job. Every college students wants an extra 20 dollars in their pocket for the weekend to go out. I wanted to find a job so that I could make a little extra money to be able to spend. Finding the job that I was interested in was hard but when I finally found one, it was up to me to apply. I had to have an interview and show them my resume. Luckily I had a great resume and had experience within that job field. I now work at the Disability testing center where I proctor students when they take their tests. Applying for this job was stressful but again, in the end, totally worth it because now I am making that extra money I need. I can go out with my friends whenever I want!


In life you’re supposed to have stress so it can help you deal with real life situations. “If you want something you have to try and achieve it”, my close family friend, Laurie, once said. Yes, your son and daughter might be going through stressful times, but encouragement and always being there will help them get through these stressful times.

College students experience stress from many directions

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Author: Tessa Posted: February 15th, 2013

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