The Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation – this is the name of the position that I and many of my
friends are now in with regard to our kids and parents. So many of us are
dealing with all the new and difficult issues pertaining to raising our kids in
the world today. At the same time we are having to confront the fact that our
parent child relationship with our parents is turning upside down.

I find myself in the position these days of feeling like my parent is now my child.
My father has dementia and recently my mother and I put him in an adult day care program.
Since my mother works full time it fell to me to drive him to his first day.
After helping him into the building someone brought a wheel chair for him to sit
in so that he would not have to walk the long hallway to the classroom. As they
turned him around and wheeled him away I waived goodbye. Then the greeter at the
door saw that I was hesitant to leave – he asked if this was my fathers first
day. I replied yes and he assured me that he would be happy and well taken care

As I walk out of the building back to my car I had a deja vu moment from
when I had separated from my son on his first day of nursery school.
What an aha moment -I realized with sadness that here was my new role –
I was officially now part of the sandwich generation.

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Author: Uncool Parent Posted: April 3rd, 2012

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