You're an Uncool College Parent If...

  1. #1. You wish your kid responded to your text.
  2. #2. You know they're over 18; and you still care.
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Parents and Kids Share Their Love of NCAA Basketball!

Parents enjoy March Madness, too!

Bracketology hangs in my kitchen at home and at the office. All bets are on. While out to dinner on Saturday night, I met parents whose kids attend Michigan State, Indiana, Duke, Ohio State and Albany. The conversation is all about College Hoops! Many planned to be glued to the television when the brackets were announced and then texting with their kids about which teams made it into the tournament and which didn’t. Are you filling out brackets, participating in an office pool or just seeing how accurate your predictions are? The enthusiasm and energy that March Madness creates makes sharing fun and exciting.

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Spring Break is Here!


College Spring Break is here! It’s a big world out there…

Some college kids come home for Spring Break but others don’t. Whether on a college sponsored trip, community service experience or just to have fun with friends many students are traveling all over the world. Our kids are ready, willing and able to explore it. But are we ready for their untamed enthusiasm?

Just during freshman year alone, my son went on a expedition with his fraternity to Canada, visited friends at other colleges, and partied during spring fling in Florida (only because I wouldn’t permit him to go to Mexico!) Can’t anyone sit still? My head is spinning.

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Spring Break – It’s Not a Vacation for Us

I don’t know which is worse for a parent -having your child go on a vacation
with friends for Spring Break or having him or her come home. 

On one hand I spend their week away worrying about all the possible scenarios that could happen on a vacation and every possible thing that can go wrong. Bonfire on the beach? A race to the hospital for burns.  Learning how to trapeze? A fall and an injury requiring medical attention.

On the other hand, having my kid come home doesn’t feel much better. Now I have to negotiate with someone who has been on their own at school and used to their own timetable. I’m looking at a closed bedroom door until 2:00 pm -apparently the usual time to wake up. I’m trying to sleep at 2:00 am, wondering when I will hear the door open.

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