You're an Uncool College Parent If...

  1. #1. You wish your kid responded to your text.
  2. #2. You know they're over 18; and you still care.
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Letter From Your Mom…

Many high school students have decided where they want to attend college in the fall but others still face a hard decision as the May 1st deadline fast approaches. Read one mother’s beautiful letter to her daughter regarding this…

Now that all of your schools have responded and you have narrowed the field to two schools, I wanted you to know the following:

Wow, what an accomplishment and what a journey it has been. Watching your determination to always do your best has inspired me. You have everything it takes to be successful plus a heart a gold. As a women in the working world I can confide in you that often it is not easy, but seeing you work late into the night to perfect your knowledge on a subject or line in a play does not go unnoticed. Add to this your uncanny ability to help someone in need or act as a leader and I am certain all of your dreams will come true. This college process has taught me that in the end, you are AMAZING, and a bit too much like me. Yes, going to the best school with the best placement rate, and best ranking is a key to success but so is feeling comfortable.

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What is your child doing this summer?

What is your child doing this summer? That is the biggest question that parents ask each other this time of year when we get together. And for a college kid these days, it is a loaded question.

Unfortunately, with the economic downturn, paying jobs are almost impossible to find and unpaid “internships” are equally as difficult to secure. It seems that even college graduates are working for free, so what’s a college kid to do? Being a camp counselor or lifeguard is still a viable option. And lots of kids seem to take summer classes to help them graduate on time. Then there are travel or summer internship programs away from home.
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Spring Festivals at Colleges- Road Trip Time!

When kids are away at college we really don’t know what they do each weekend. We imagine they’re on campus studying, meeting friends, and going to parties. But there is a very good chance that come spring, our kids are visiting friends at other schools. Road Trip time!

A few colleges host spring festivals that have become so well known that kids will take trains, planes, and automobiles so they can share the good times. Two of the most well known festivals are University of Pennsylvania’s Spring Fling and Little 500 at Indiana University.

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