You're an Uncool College Parent If...

  1. #1. You wish your kid responded to your text.
  2. #2. You know they're over 18; and you still care.
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Safety Items, You Decide….

Now that the weather is turning nicer the college kids are out and about more. This is a good time to have that safety conversation again…

Campus Safety is of paramount importance to parents. Here are a few suggestions for our kids protection. Make sure your child is always aware of their surroundings. Are the walking routes well-lite and well-populated? Are campus emergency phones available?  Suggest your child walk with a friend especially at night. If a friend is not available, suggest your child call a friend with a “code” word that identifies a signal for help. Cell phones are excellent but your child must remain aware of their surroundings and not get distracted with the phone conversation. Avoid dark parking areas. Walk with keys interlocked within fingers to be used to fight off an attacker. Blow a whistle. Flash a light. These items are small enough to conceal.
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What is your child doing this summer?

What is your child doing this summer? That is the biggest question that parents ask each other this time of year when we get together. And for a college kid these days, it is a loaded question.

Unfortunately, with the economic downturn, paying jobs are almost impossible to find and unpaid “internships” are equally as difficult to secure. It seems that even college graduates are working for free, so what’s a college kid to do? Being a camp counselor or lifeguard is still a viable option. And lots of kids seem to take summer classes to help them graduate on time. Then there are travel or summer internship programs away from home.
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Spring Festivals at Colleges- Road Trip Time!

When kids are away at college we really don’t know what they do each weekend. We imagine they’re on campus studying, meeting friends, and going to parties. But there is a very good chance that come spring, our kids are visiting friends at other schools. Road Trip time!

A few colleges host spring festivals that have become so well known that kids will take trains, planes, and automobiles so they can share the good times. Two of the most well known festivals are University of Pennsylvania’s Spring Fling and Little 500 at Indiana University.

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