You're an Uncool College Parent If...

  1. #1. You wish your kid responded to your text.
  2. #2. You know they're over 18; and you still care.
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March Madness

It’s amazing how three weeks a year the country is gripped by March Madness.

We here at Uncool College Parent are no different. We have been glued to the TV and can recite the names of the players and coaches like they are our family. We are talking about busting brackets and three pointers. What a great way to communicate with our kids that is easy and fun! Whether you are rooting for North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma or Villanova, it is a great equalizer between a parent and a child. It’s not too late to get into the action – this weekend we are looking forward to the Final Four. So start calling and texting your kid. Let’s just enjoy that easy feeling of communication when the conversation just starts flowing.

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What is your child doing this summer?

What is your child doing this summer? That is the biggest question that parents ask each other this time of year when we get together. And for a college kid these days, it is a loaded question.

Unfortunately, these days paying jobs are almost impossible to find and unpaid “internships” are equally as difficult to find. It seems that you have to start almost a year in advance to secure one. So what’s a college kid to do? Being a camp counselor or lifeguard is still a viable option. And lots of kids seem to take summer classes to help them graduate on time. Then there are travel or summer internship programs away from home.
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Spring Break is Here!


College Spring Break is here! It’s a big world out there…

Some college kids come home for Spring Break but others don’t. Whether on a college sponsored trip, community service experience or just to have fun with friends many students are traveling all over the world. Our kids are ready, willing and able to explore it. But are we ready for their untamed enthusiasm?

Just during freshman year alone, my son went on a expedition with his fraternity to Canada, visited friends at other colleges, and partied during spring fling in Florida (only because I wouldn’t permit him to go to Mexico!) Can’t anyone sit still? My head is spinning.

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